“If it’s top-notch quality, professionalism and timeliness you’re looking for, I highly recommend reaching out to Animation Vertigo for your motion capture tracking needs. CEO Marla Rausch and her team are not only talented but passionate about the work, and it’s clear to see in the finished product. My team and I look forward to working with Marla and Animation Vertigo again in the near future.”
~ Guillaume de Fondaumiere
Quantic Dream


“Professional, precise and personable is what WB Games Seattle experienced when working with Animation Vertigo. They are professional with their business approach and understanding of technology. They are precise with their work process and communication. Marla’s personal touch on the facilitating the work flow and maintaining the relationship are the reasons that AV is successful and reputable in the game industry. AV definitely plays a valuable role in our animation pipeline. Much appreciation to Marla and her crew!”
~ Nelson Wang


“I have worked with Marla on several projects throughout the years and have always come away impressed with how she operates her business. She’s professional, courteous and always delivers quality work on time. I look forward to when we can work together again.”
~ Charlie/Chuck Ghislandi


“Marla Rausch and Animation Vertigo are a real benefit to know and to work with. There are not very many (if any) comparable providers out there, and the work that they do and the services that they provide are invaluable for many in the game development industry. Marla is thorough and completely professional, and the quality of the work that we have received from AV as a primary outsourcer of animation data processing has consistently been top-of-the-line. We have been very happy with all three elements of AV’s primary services – efficiency, cost and quality. I can wholly recommend the work of Animation Vertigo to my peers in the game dev industry!”
~ Dwayne Mason


“It’s a shame you are only allowed to pick three top attributes in the list above because Marla and her company certainly possess more. We had an excellent working relationship with Marla with great communication at all times. The work she performed was invariably delivered on-time, to a high level of quality and offered extremely good value for money. Overall, excellent results for minimal effort on our part so it was an easy choice to work with Marla time and again. I would do so again in an instant.”
~ Steve Sargent
High Moon Studios


“Animation Vertigo and Marla Rausch have played a significant role in my animation delivery pipeline over the past 2 years. I am extremely happy with the team at Animation Vertigo and I appreciate the quality and timeliness of all their deliveries. Over the past 15 or so projects the work done by Animation Vertigo has been superb in all aspects and I hope to have such a flawless relationship for the next 15 titles. If you’re doing your own marker cleanup in-house you’re making a huge mistake. I suggest you look to the future (Animation Vertigo) and delivery high quality data for their team to clean and you’ll save valuable resources that can be spent on other areas of development, Activision is.”
~ Nick Falzon
Animation Vertigo - Activision


“During our work relationship, her company has provided excellent support to our group. The data we get back in an extremely timely manner, is met to our standards, and the cost is extremely beneficial to SCEA. Given notice, she seemingly has a team on hand to perform work at all hours, ensuring very quick turnaround times. I highly recommend you hire Animation Vertigo to work for your motion capture data needs.”
~ Scott Christopher Peterson


“Marla is very organized and on top of everything at all times, which definitely shows in all of the reports she’s delivered to us. But most of all, Marla is a very easy person to work with. Regardless of the type of communication, she always keeps her light-hearted professionalism. This also shows through with the type of people she has hired and trained. I would be estatic to have another opportunity to work with Marla. I know it’s a safe bet to expect the same level of work and commitment everytime. And it’s always an enjoyable experience.”
~ Doug Hagstrom


“I started working with Marla and her team 6 month ago and I can already say that she’s a professional, always paying attention on meeting deadlines without any lack of quality in her work. I would recommend her and her team to anyone who is looking for talented trackers.”
~ Jeremy Meunier
Quantic Dream


“Marla and her team at Animation Vertigo pulled through for us as a last minute heavy hitting addition to our pipeline and helped us save a project that became more than triple the work expected due to poor planning. They did high quality work on time, requiring no fixes, with the bare minimum of information required. Marla herself was personable, professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Plus her attention to detail and service excellence when we were testing outsource facilities made Animation Vertigo the first place we ran to when we needed some additional resources. I would use them again in a heartbeat.”
~ Andy Sinur