Capture Your World in Motion

Animation Vertigo provides high quality and reliable solutions for motion capture and animation needs

Established in 2004 in Southern California, Animation Vertigo has been proudly serving the greater Los Angeles market since its inception, and recently moved its headquarters to Cottonwood Heights, Utah.  Animation Vertigo has set the standard in motion capture outsourcing, exceeding expectations for its video game, television and film clients.

Best Solutions for Your Business

Proven Success

For more than fifteen years, Animation Vertigo has leveraged the expertise and skills of leaders in motion capture to produce high quality output with the fastest turnaround time possible. Animation Vertigo sees our clients as partners and your success is our success.

Quality and Speed

The Animation Vertigo team acts as a collaborative partner with our clients ‐ within your pipeline, within your parameters ‐ so that quality is never sacrificed. The unparalleled, topnotch results provide leading entertainment industry production companies with high quality results delivered in a timely and efficient manner.


Animation Vertigo empowers clients to grow as needed. We become part of our clients’ business and can scale up or down to meet the requirements for any given project. Think of us as part of the team, just working out of a different office.

Flexibility and Cost-Savings

Animation Vertigo is able to anticipate and meet the demands and challenges unlike any other motion capture and animation company in the world. Working closely with both motion capture specialists and industry leaders, Animation Vertigo stays ahead with the latest industry hardware and software and provide our clients with an alternative to costly resources.

Marla Rausch, CEO

marlaBorn and raised in the Philippines, Marla Rausch wanted to introduce the vast creative talent of artists from her home country to the 3D animation and motion capture industry. She established a production center in Manila, Philippines, with an Animation Vertigo team that is comprised of well-trained, seasoned trackers and animators who surpass quality standards, deliver on-time results and produce compelling and realistic results.

Prior to establishing Animation Vertigo, Marla worked freelance in Spectrum Studios and Sony Computer Entertainment America as a motion capture tracker. It was here that Marla learned the ins and outs and gained knowledge and experience of the animation and motion capture industry. Marla also worked as a financial advisor with Ameriprise Financial and American Express Financial Advisors. She graduated from the University of the Philippines with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications.

Today, Marla is a member of the Motion Capture Society and the International Game Developers Association. She’s also a Board Member of the Animation Council of the Philippines, and a Core Member of the Creative Content Creators Association of the Philippines.