Animation Vertigo’s motion editors track more than 32 character hours of data per month; about 116,595 character seconds, surpassing the increasing demand for compelling, realistic and high quality results on a deadline.

Animation Vertigo continuously works closely with both motion capture specialists and industry leaders to stay ahead with the latest industry hardware and software and provide clients with an alternative to costly resources. Working closely with motion capture technologists, Animation Vertigo is able to anticipate and meet the demands and challenges unlike any other motion capture and animation company in the world.

Our team of skillful motion capture trackers and animators and experienced US-based managers deliver on-time results to each client. The Animation Vertigo team cleans up motion capture data so it is faithful to the movements captured by clients during stage capture. When applying the character, the Animation Vertigo team of motion editors are meticulous to make sure the motion capture movements look natural and realistic.

Animation Vertigo benefits:

► High quality results delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

► Works collaboratively as a partner with each client – surpassing expectations and adhering to the integrity and quality of your product.

► Scalability and competitive costs, providing an alternative to costly and often temporary in-house resources.

► Close relationships with motion capture specialists and industry leaders, staying ahead with industry hardware and software.

 Let Animation Vertigo be the backbone of your motion capture solutions.